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How it Works

Dynamize your visit by showing another reality full of exclusive content. You will wish return to live more experiences.

Location Map

Dynamize your visit by showing another reality full of exclusive content.

Nearby Museums

Do you want to discover nearby museums? Check how far are you and get organized to visit all.

Museum Exhibitions

View the contents available of each museum . When approaching a museum or work, we will show you automatically exclusive content that will make you live a unique experience.


Museum's Blueprint

Check where in the museum you are located, use smart guided or even you can search some particular work. We will guide you on your visit.


Displays the version of the app you are using, terms and conditions, preferences and other settings.

Searching Artworks...

This icon in the center of the screen indicates that the system is looking for museums and artworks nearby and have not yet been located. If the system do not detects a location equipped, the exclusive content will not display.

Discover another reality on your device

iBeacon   Eddystone

Locate nearby museums

Find museums around and check their distance.


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During your visit we guide you at the Museum

Decide how much time you have to visit the museum and choose an intelligent guides.

Our tematic guides will show your favourite Artworks.

bemuseums bemuseums

Smart Audioguide System

Approaching each work, the system tells you by voice what you're watching.

  • Accesibility
  • Confortable
  • Independence

Your museum from another point of view

Enjoy the experience from any of your devices.


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